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ආයුබෝවන්! வணக்கம்! Welcome!
I’m Kaveen, a software engineer,
based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Coffee in Kandy post thumbnail

Coffee in Kandy

Under: life Tags: #coffee
live-blogged rambling on finally getting some good coffee in Kandy, Sri Lanka at Department of Coffee on Colombo Street
Customizing Wedding Cards With Python post thumbnail

Customizing Wedding Cards With Python

Under: projects Tags: #Python #ChatGPT
Scrambling to send an e-invite for our wedding
Birthday reflections and news! post thumbnail

Birthday reflections and news!

Under: life Tags: #birthday
Reflection on the year and what's in store for 2024!
Migrating my blog, again (Hugo) post thumbnail

Migrating my blog, again (Hugo)

Under: technology Tags: #hugo #web-dev
Here we go again, another year, another site migration.
Euclidean Groove Thing post thumbnail

Euclidean Groove Thing

Under: projects Tags: #music #generativeMusic
A four-part sequencer web app that uses Euclidean distribution and a Turing machine to generate and trigger musical notes, built with p5.js, Tone.js, and p5.gui.js.
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