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Accountability Is What We Need

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A couple of weeks back I wrote some words “What’s good with leaders who don’t take responsibility?”. Present-day, the state is feeling the power of the people. They are on the streets influencing and requesting what they deserve, a better Sri Lanka.

people have spoken out their anger with many colourful slogans, but will that distract from what we need?

protest in the neighbourhood
protest in the neighbourhood

What Do We Need?

Accountability. I’m not an expert in law or politics to pinpoint what exactly is wrong. But I and many do know the fact how people of power in this country get away with many a crime, they’ve built up the perfect system for it.

We need accountability for,

  • War Crimes
  • Human Rights Violations
  • Misuse Of Public Funds
  • Crimes Against Journalists

To All Those On The Good Fight

Calling them, colourful slogans and catchy protest songs are all good. Not so good is that if they get away with it.

So make sure that your message is clear! Don’t just ask them to go home, make homophobic remarks, etc.

Ask them to be impeached and held accountable