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What's good with leaders who don't take responsibility?

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It’s been a hard couple of years for the people of Sri Lanka, I’ve been one of the Lucy ones privileged and had a great environment to not be affected by what’s going on in this county. Which is now crumbling down, everyone is starting to feel the pressure.

Just a broom
Just a broom
The people of Sri Lankan have been scorn and have been broken and endured by many situations, some to note,

  • Easter Attacks.
  • COVID-19 Deaths.
  • A Crumbling Economy.

A couple of days back, we’re seeing the effects of the weakening of the economy. Everyone is starting to feel the heat, devaluation of currency inflating prices of essential goods. Rolling power cuts hampering the working class, etc.

People of this country are on the streets waiting in line for basic resources to keep themselves and their families fed.

Up to today(March 20, 2022) two senior citizens have lost their lives waiting in line to get essential resources.

I was taught one thing as a child, always apologize and internalize to be better if you did or cause something to go wrong. As a leader, especially.

What hurt me the most was the leaders of this country who do not take accountability and brush things off very nonchalantly.

You can’t blame the people, the very laws and regulations that were set in place and the enviroment built up by the same leaders are to blame. What’s good with leaders who don’t take responsibility?