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Coffee in Kandy

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Sometimes there isn’t much to do in Kandy, but today I just wanted a cup of coffee. I felt a tad lonesome staying at my in-laws with my partner away at work.

“There is something charming about Kandy,” is what I planned to write once I got to this coffee place I stumbled upon on Google Maps.

I took a Kandy PickMe to get to this establishment, and it was rough. He was one of those drivers who doesn’t know how to check Maps. I felt bad and held back for a good 15 minutes until he rolled into my in-laws’ place. Getting there was no cakewalk either. I said to go in the general direction of the “maligawa” (Temple of the Tooth), but being a non-native in Kandy, I also took a wrong turn. Long story short, I had to walk another block to get to the coffee shop.

The location is Department Of Coffee, Colombo Street, Kandy, Yes, they are affiliated with the one in Colombo.

But now I’m delighted, seated after placing an order for a single-origin V60 brew. This better be good.

Coffee at last, nice presentation and atmosphere as well
Coffee at last, nice presentation and atmosphere as well

The coffee is good. I’m glad; it would have made my situation extra crummy otherwise.

I don’t have the experience, palate, or vocabulary to review coffee. But it’s not burnt, which is what you get at most places. It has the right amount of acidity and hits the spot. I’d like to hang back and sample some of the food, but I’m running late as I intend to pick up my partner from her place of work. Maybe another 15-20 minutes. Paid up and had a look at the food options—they look promising. Will return again!

I apologize for the rambling. If y’all are craving some specialty coffee in Kandy, this might be the place for you!