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Birthday reflections and news!

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Another year around the sun, or what ever the folks call it these days. This has been one of those birthday’s (it was yesterday) that didn’t feel hollow like they used to feel. I’m reminded of the people who I love and cherished by.

Birthday spread, prepared by my mother for the temple
Birthday spread, prepared by my mother for the temple

This month has been hectic with what’s in store for me. I met this amazing girl a year back and we decided to get married(end of this month!) With that we bought a house1. A lot of folks said that it may not be wise to buy mortgage that amidst all else; I do agree but we got a deal that cannot be ignored.

I digress, this was not the year I join the prestigous2 club with Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, etc (grim, I know) as a much naiver me would have joked about. Key term joke is important; was never serious about that, I should have been in retrospect.

self realization moment: what a horrible thing to say.

I woke up today, with a clean head and am excited for the future! cheers!

  1. Real piece of work, requires a lot of elbow greese. ↩︎

  2. 27 Club a statistical anomoly? Culteral phenomena nevertherless. ↩︎